High Meadow Farm
Loxahatchee, FL
January 16-17, 2023
David Hunt, Henk van Bergen, Linda Zang, Lilo Fore

Embassy Suites
1601 Belvedere Rd,
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

If you have any questions, please contact the program liaison at trainersconference@usdf.org or 859-971-2277.

USDF members can watch extended footage of the 2016 and 2017 Trainers Conferences in the USDF Education Libary; just search for Virtual Events.

Read about our 2015 conference featuring Stephen Clarke here.

To see footage from the 2015 conference featuring Stephen Clarke, the 2014 and 2013 conferences featuring Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler and the 2012 conference featuring Christoph Hess, visit DressageClinic.com

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