Axel Steiner (2019)

Induction Speech:

I don’t think I can recall a time when Axel Steiner was not a part of the Dressage scene. Really. Think about it.

Axel was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he started riding when he was nine years old. He and his brother, Uwe, were the sons of an officer who was long listed to represent Germany for the ill-fated 1940 Olympic Games, and who died in World War II. Axel chose to come to the US when he was 19 after earning his German silver riding medal, while Uwe went on to be the head rider at the famed Von Neindorf school in Karlsruhe, before emigrating to the United States several years later. While Uwe rode at Neindorf’s, Axel he rode at the German Riding school in Warendorf, where at 16 years old, he stayed working in a military hotel in preparation of his immigration to the United States.

In 1961 at 19 years old, Axel joined the United States Air Force.

During the time he was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, he began what was to become his lifelong passion of teaching and sharing his knowledge of dressage.  It was during this time that he competed not just on his own horses but on the horses from the US Modern Pentathlon team.

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